What Is A Mesh Laundry Bag Used For?

February 23, 2020

What Is A Mesh Laundry Bag Used For?

What Is A Mesh Laundry Bag Used For


A laundry bag is a bag used to protect clothes during machine washing. It is made of the breathable and microporous material. Put underwear, sweaters, or other items that are not afraid of deformation into it. . Bags made of polyester mesh or mesh nylon (a bit like a mosquito net material) are used to dry sweaters and underwear and are used to separate clothes to avoid staining and damage. General supermarkets have to sell.

Types of laundry bags:

The laundry bag is divided into a fine net and a coarse net. The fine mesh is as dense as gauze, and the coarse mesh is the size of an ordinary straw. For more fragile clothes, such as sweaters, a fine mesh laundry bag should be used; for thicker materials, such as curtain fabrics, thick mesh should be used.

The difference between a fine mesh and a thick mesh is that the current pulls on the clothes. The water flow of the thick net is stronger and the washing power is higher than that of the fine net. However, if the clothes are not too dirty, choose a fine net to protect the clothes. It can also reduce the cotton debris caused by the friction of other clothes, and it is not easy to fluff.

The laundry bag can be divided into single layer, double layer and three layers, so that the laundry bag can separate each piece of clothing and reduce fiber friction. If clothes with different fibers are put in the same laundry bag, clothes with thick materials will not only wear off those with finer texture, but also damage to coarse clothes in the long run.

As for the shape of various laundry bags, it is tailored according to the size of the clothes. The pill-shaped laundry bag is suitable for washing underwear, the triangular solid laundry bag is suitable for washing socks, the cylindrical laundry bag is suitable for washing thick sweaters, and the square is suitable for washing shirts. Zhang Huiqi said that if a small piece of clothing is thrown into a large laundry bag, then there is no laundry bag, the clothes are still strongly pulled by the washing machine.

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