July 15, 2020

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have A Laundry Mesh Bag?

If you have not bought the laundry mesh bag from us, you can DIY one. it is very simple.

Put your tights or small delicates that need to be washed in the cut-off leg of a pair of pantyhose which is already old, unusable for you.

Then, how to make a temporary laundry bag? I believe you have these old pantyhose which maybe has a hole in it already.

how to make a temporary laundry bag

you can cut it according to the size of the delicates, of course, it can not be used for big things like clothing.

how about using these pantyhose, the mesh style? really good material for Laundry Mesh Bag 😉

how to make a temporary laundry mesh bag



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