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Do Clothes Get Clean In A Laundry Bag?

Do Clothes Get Clean In A Laundry Bag

Do Clothes Get Clean In A Laundry Bag?

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Do clothes get clean in a laundry bag? The answer is yes, but the laundry bag is not used properly. Of course, it is reasonable if it is not cleaned.

The laundry bag was invented to prevent clothing from becoming lumps, and to avoid cross-color and cross-infection! Different items should be classified into the appropriate type of laundry bag to play their role.

We must first understand the principle of washing clothes: Detergent destroys the tension of the water mucous membrane, making stains more soluble in water, which is accomplished by the friction between the detergent and the clothes, and the friction is much smaller than the detergent.

Misunderstanding of the laundry bag

  1. The material of the laundry bag is generally a special mesh cloth, and the water flows through the mesh to wash the contents of the bag, so it must not be filled too full, and the capacity should not exceed 2/3 of the laundry bag. Make sure that the laundry bag has enough space to roll over. If the space is too small, it is easy to be washed out of place. Of course, pay attention to it. If it is particularly dirty, it cannot be solved by ordinary machine washing, even if you don’t use the laundry bag directly. The washing machine is also not clean. In this case, it is recommended to perform partial treatment manually first and then put the clothes in a laundry bag for washing
  2. Does the thickness of the laundry bag affect the effect of the lotion? Same, but thicker models are stronger and more wear-resistant than thinner models, and their elasticity is also enhanced.
  3. Another point, although the laundry bag is always washed with the clothes, it also needs to be washed separately. Don’t throw it aside after using it.

3 important points to consider when choosing a laundry bag

  1. Choose a suitable one according to the size, a universal bag is not advisable, large bags are for coats; and small bags are for small items
  2. According to the design, the cylindrical laundry bag can better protect the underwear.

Do Clothes Get Clean In A Laundry Bag cylindrical laundry bag

The fixed object can be selected as a square with tangible support, such as a square shoe-washing bag

3. The zipper is one of the most susceptible to problems in laundry bags.

Do Clothes Get Clean In A Laundry Bag .zipper on the laundry bag

It is best to choose zinc alloy, which is more wear-resistant and not easy to rust. A design like this kind of zipper can better extend the service life

Can I wash my clothes when I put them in a laundry bag? The laundry bag is believed to be used by all the people who often wash and rinse. Wool, silk, blends and other “precious” materials are easy to deform or break or pilling. Customers who have wool washing and silk washing procedures The official has nothing to worry about, but if there is no dedicated washing program on the washing machine, then the laundry mesh bag will come in handy.

On the one hand, the laundry mesh bag can prevent the clothes from being deformed, worn, and entangled during washing, and on the other hand, it can prevent the decoration and metal inlays from damaging the inner tube wall. The cleaning is done as soon as it is thrown away. The cleaning principle of most washing machines is to use the water flow and the rotation of the machine so that the clothes and the wall of the drum are constantly rubbed, to wash away the stains. The function of the laundry bag is to reduce the friction between the clothes and the inner tube by wrapping the clothes, thereby reducing wear.

Therefore, some people have doubts. Folding the clothes into a laundry bag is equivalent to putting another layer of “clothes” on the outside of the clothes. Can the clothes inside be washed clean?

To explore the truth of laundry washing and answer the questions of the clients, let’s do a test on the laundry mesh bag now.

Today, we will give you an online evaluation. Can you put your clothes in a laundry mesh bag, can they be washed?

The process of testing

Prepare materials

First of all, the editor prepared three fabrics: cotton, linen, wool, and chiffon, which are often worn in everyday clothes.

Laundry Mesh Bag Test Review samples for testing

Divide the fabric into two and pour them on top

Put a little soy sauce on everything you eat, chilli sauce, an artifact of the meal, and drink three cups of milk tea a day that is not afraid of getting fat to simulate stains on your clothes.

Laundry Mesh Bag Test Review three fabrics of cotton linen wool and chiffon

Put it in the laundry bag

After waiting for the stain to dry a little, take three pieces of fabric, fold them, and put them in the corresponding laundry bags according to different sizes.

Laundry Mesh Bag Testing with clothing

Then we use [Standard Mode] for washing.

Laundry Mesh Bag Test Review washing process

Final result

After a complete set of standard washing procedures, let’s take a look at the final result after washing!

Laundry Mesh Bag Test Review testing result

Cotton and linen material

The soy sauce and milk tea stains on the two cotton fabrics have been cleaned.

The fabric placed directly in the washing machine only has a slight trace of hot sauce.

And the cotton and linen cloth put in the laundry bag not only has obvious traces of hot sauce but also some pieces of chilli.

Chiffon material

The soy sauce and milk tea stains on the chiffon cloth directly placed in the washing machine have been cleaned.

However, there are obvious residues of hot sauce stains.

Due to the characteristic that the colour of chiffon does not easily fade after dyeing, the three kinds of stains of chiffon in the laundry bag are not completely washed, and there are obvious imprints remaining.

Wool material

Both pieces of cloth have been cleaned, and there is no residue.

Evaluation conclusion

The laundry mesh bag protects the clothes and reduces the cleanliness of the clothes to a certain extent. For the oily stains and large-area stains on the clothes, such as chilli oil, it is difficult to clean completely because the laundry bag is wrapped. It is recommended to put it in the laundry bag. Local pretreatment of the dirt before. When the laundry bag is used well, it can not only prevent the clothes from knotting and snagging, delay the depreciation of the clothes, but also have the effect of anti-mildew and antibacterial.


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