Buying Guide For Laundry Mesh Bags

December 18, 2021

Buying Guide For Laundry Mesh Bags

Buying Guide For Laundry Mesh Bags

In our busy daily life, many people use washing machines instead of hand laundry, in exchange for more time and convenience. In fact, when washing in a washing machine, clothes are easily damaged or even deformed due to rolling and friction. However, as long as the laundry mesh bag is used correctly, it can not only avoid damage to the clothes but also increase the wearable life. It’s just that there are many styles of laundry bags, and their usage and benefits also have their own merits. How to choose?

The following article will introduce a few shopping guides for laundry mesh bags, and recommend 8 popular products, no matter what size and purpose. It will also explain a lot of knowledge that can be paid attention to when using it. Interested friends are welcome to refer to the content of the article. Let’s find the most suitable laundry bag together.

1. What is the function of the laundry mesh bag?

The most important function of the laundry mesh bag is to prevent fragile clothes from being scratched or damaged by the washing machine. But in addition, it can also prevent clothes from sticking to dander, so it can be more at ease when washing with towels or sweaters that are easy to shed; there is no need to worry about clothes being caught by zippers, buttons and other items. . On the other hand, there are also special small laundry bags for longevity underwear and socks on the market. As long as they are properly divided, they can protect the clothes from being entangled, and it will be easier to dry.

2, The buying guide for laundry mesh bags

After understanding the advantages of laundry bags, let’s take a look at the buying tips.

1. Choose the right size according to the size of the clothes

Although collectively referred to as laundry bags, depending on the type of clothes you want to wash, there will be differences in size and shape, which will be described in detail below.

①General clothing: subject to the size of a single piece of clothing

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags -for general clothing
I believe that many people will buy a large laundry bag and throw the clothes that need to be bagged into it at one time. However, this method may cause friction in the clothes in the bag, which will damage the material of the clothes. Therefore, it is recommended to use one piece in a bag. Ordinary clothing such as T-shirts or pants can be purchased with a size of about 33*30cm; as for thicker knitwear, you must buy larger than 33*30cm Products to avoid being unable to be put in the bag.

②Small clothes: subject to 20*20cm

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags -for small clothes as 20cm

For smaller items such as underwear and handkerchiefs, you can choose a 20*20cm laundry bag. The method of use is the same as the previous one. It is necessary to look for products of the right size to avoid excessive friction with the laundry bag and damage to the texture. Most of these small laundry bags can fit just one piece of thin clothes or children’s clothing; among them, the more mini styles can also be washed with multiple underwear and socks at a time. Just prepare one to make the washing process more convenient.

③Combined products with multiple sizes

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags -combined products with multiple sizes

Multi-size laundry bag combination: If you need multiple sizes of laundry bags at the same time, there are also a combination of multiple types of goods on the market. When buying, pay attention to the size of the included. In addition to the styles for general and small clothes, there are also types of super large laundry bags that include outerwear and blankets. This can give consumers a lot of time to choose products.

2. Laundry bags for specific items

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags -for specific items

Dedicated laundry bag for specific items: For items with more delicate materials such as underwear, shoes, suits and shirts, there are also corresponding special laundry bags available on the market, which can provide a better cleaning effect than ordinary laundry bags. For example, in order to prevent deformation of the laundry bag for underwear, a smaller mesh and ball-shaped design will be adopted; the shoe washing bag usually has a compartment in the middle; and the style dedicated to shirts can be directly washed in a flat way to prevent Wrinkle.

3. The shape of the bag must match the state of the clothing

Generally, the shape of the laundry bag can be divided into three types: cylindrical, round, and quadrangular. Different shapes have their own suitable types of clothes and advantages and disadvantages. The following will introduce you in detail.

①Round shape: dirt is easy to fall off

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags -Round shape Laundry mesh bags

Round laundry mesh bag: If you feel that your clothes are always not clean, try a round or barrel-shaped products. Its internal space is large so that the clothes can be soiled by rolling, which is especially suitable for washing socks and other items that are easily stained. However, it should be noted that this type is also prone to wrinkles in clothes, so it is not suitable for clothes made of satin materials such as rayon and Cupra.

②Quadrangle: clothes are not easily deformed

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags -Quadrangular Laundry mesh bags

Quadrangular laundry mesh bag: The quadrangular laundry bag is one of the most common shapes on the market. Because the space in the bag is not wide, the clothes can be kept folded and put into the state for washing, so it can prevent the problem of clothing deformation, especially suitable for clothing such as knitwear. If you want to clean heavily soiled clothes with a square shape, it is recommended to turn the stained side to the outside or wash it by hand before putting it in the washing machine.

4. The mesh style is determined by the type of clothes

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags -The mesh styles of Laundry mesh bags

Thick and fine mesh laundry bag: The mesh size of the laundry bag should be selected according to the type of clothing. For example, products with fine meshes are not only suitable for fragile and easily deformed clothing, but also can be used for decoration such as pearls, lace, sequins, or clothing that is easy to fade and dye ; And a laundry bag with a large mesh can achieve a stronger detergency due to the amount of water passing through it, but at the same time, you must also pay attention to the condition of the material damage. It is generally recommended to prepare styles with different mesh sizes at one time, so that they can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs.

5. Dedicated laundry mesh bag for drum washing machine

The buying guide for laundry mesh bags - for drum washing machine

Dedicated laundry mesh bag for drum washing machine: Since drum-type washing machines often include a drying function, the matching laundry bag needs to use a zipper with higher heat resistance, and the material has higher requirements for air permeability. Although many homes do not use laundry bags when washing with drums, it is still recommended to choose the corresponding laundry bags to maintain the quality of the materials.


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