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5 New Usages Of Laundry Mesh Bag For Storage

5 New Usages Of Laundry Mesh Bag For Storage

5 New Usages Of Laundry Mesh Bag For Storage

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Laundry Mesh Bag For Storage

Everyone’s understanding of laundry bags is to protect the clothes during the washing process and prevent them from deforming due to the torsion of the washing machine. The laundry bag can be used not only when washing clothes, but also when travelling abroad and changing clothes in season!

5 new usages of laundry bags: storage of socks and personal clothes for travel, storage of seasonal laundry mesh bag for storage of vegetables at room temperature, making dried vegetables, and making citrus bath bags, to increase the convenience of your life.

Magic 1: Travel storage socks, personal clothing

When packing luggage, you can use the laundry bag as a storage bag for socks and personal clothes. The laundry bag is sufficiently ventilated, and you can see what is in it at a glance. In addition, prepare a laundry bag to pass through the clothes and socks. After the trip, you can also throw the whole bag directly into the washing machine for washing, which is time-saving and convenient.

Magic 2: Storage of seasonal clothes

5 New Usages Of Laundry Mesh Bag For Storage

Make good use of the good ventilation of the laundry bag. When the seasons change, the laundry bag can also be used as a seasonal storage bag. Use it to store fur hats, gloves, and scarves to make the insect repellent work and keep the clothes in good condition.

Magic 3: Preserve vegetables at room temperature

For onions, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables that can be stored at room temperature, hang them in a laundry bag for storage so that the vegetables are not easy to rot due to moisture.

Magic 4: Make dried vegetables

When vegetables are harvested, the price is low, so it is especially suitable to buy more to make dried vegetables called “dried vegetables” in Taiwanese households. For example, cabbage, white cauliflower, or mustard greens. When making dried vegetables, ordinary households usually put them in a basket, and a laundry bag can also be used. Put the vegetables you want to dry in a laundry bag and hang them up to dry. If it is fast, it can be done in 3 hours, if it is slow, it can be done in about 3 to 7 days. Better than a basket, it can also prevent dust from getting in.

Magic 5: Make a citrus bath bag

When eating oranges, grapefruits, and grapefruits, don’t rush to throw away the skins. You can use them in the bath if you stay. Citrus peels can be used to soak in the bath, which can relieve stress and moisturize dry skin. Just put the citrus peel directly into the laundry bag and throw it into the bathtub. The small pores of the laundry bag can also block the fibres of the orange peel from running into the water, reducing the hassle of cleaning the bathtub.

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